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Henrietta W. Romman was a freelance writer who came to know Christ at an early age and also began to write poetry when she was very young. Henrietta was a Syrian native of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, in Africa and Arabic was her mother tongue. She was educated in private schools in Khartoum, and Egypt, taking the advice of her Christian teacher, Mrs. Harvey, "If you wish to excel in the English Language, think ONLY in that language." She studied Freelance Journalism in Britain while traveling with her husband on his business trips. Henrietta also wrote a column titled, "To God Be the Glory" for the Ozark Senior Living paper. She went to be with the Lord in Glory on June 18, 2012. She is missed by her husband William and family.


With Jesus rejoice!
For Jesus rejoice!
In your unwanted suffering
Let the Lord hear a song in your voice
Let His shed blood give you strength
As you call on His great Name
Your undeserved pain will go,
You will never be the same.
Brothers rejoice! Sisters rejoice!
Touch the hem of His Robe and rejoice!
Raise your hands with praise and rejoice
Bow your heads with awe and rejoice
Touch His heart with your adoring voice
As Jesus has touched yours once before,
Remain fully in His presence and rejoice!
Friends... Forever Rejoice... Amen

written by Henrietta W. Romman

To God be the Glory from Africa to Missouri

To God be the Glory is a book of heavenly inspired articles that will enrich your daily life by keeping you in touch with the Healer of body and soul. Within the pages of this book, you will find the meaning of God's love expressed in simple language, supported by the words of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The author's heart shines as a beacon toward Christ and her writing draws others into the light. Henrietta's love of God and her writing challenge me to an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus my Lord and to a spiritual journey that I will enjoy traveling again and again. To God be the Glory is a book you won't want to put down

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Come To Jesus Christ The Greatest Physician

The book of profound devotions that you hold in your hand is a book like no other. You will feel that you have had a session with the greatest Physician, which will satisfy the longing of your heart to know Him better: His loving care, His daily blessings, His enablements, and His great love for every single person who lives on this earth.

Words are very powerful! They can take us into the presence of God...or they can be a door or wall to keep us from Him. The words penned by Henrietta Romman in this volume, however, are bridges and windows to take us into His presence!

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Middle Eastern Cooking Made Easy and Fun

The recipes in this book are simple. They are festive, attractive and inspiring. They are always easy to prepare, to savor: good enough to satisfy your need for a change. They comprise none other than various methods of cooking lamb, beef, chicken and fish.

These easy, yet appetizing meals come from the heart of the Middle Eastern cuisine. They tell of Syrian ancestry, traditions and long loving inheritance.

The good taste of healthy and healing cooking in this wonderful cookbook also include many well known vegetarian dishes

The crown of all these delicious recipes is also a bouquet of Middle Eastern well known desserts.

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Treasures From Above

Henrietta W. Romman's unique, sensitive and transparent style challenges the reader to look deeper to discover these "treasures" from Romman's heart to yours. God's peace, goodness, blessings, and gifts... are perfect "gems" created to bring to us life's greatest joy. Seek a quiet place, prepare your heart and receive these... "Treasures from Above."

BOOK PRICE $14/- (FREE - USA shipping and handling)

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